Are you ready?  Whatever your task is, are you ready?  Once again, I’m back in the whitetail woods, looking to harvest a mature buck.  Preparing to be ready, I’ve been scouting, practicing with the bow, looking at deer signs, practicing scent control, planting food plots, and viewing thousands of trail camera pictures; these all help put me in a position to get a shot at a deer.  

It’s incredible how a small squirrel can sound like a heard of elephants, and a 150-pound deer can appear out of thin air.  When the deer does appear, I take only the shot that I’m confident and capable of making. I must be alert, be still, and be ready!  Sometimes that means not shooting – the last thing I want to do is wound the animal.  I want to let that arrow fly with confidence!. 

I’ve put the time in, but will I get the shot today? The final test might arrive in a few minutes, hours, days, or weeks, but I AM READY.  

Get out there and enjoy yourself with confidence and BE READY!

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