Is the rut here yet?

Yesterday evening I sat in my elevated box blind on the north end of my food plot, hoping for Mr. Big to show up.  The wind was blowing from the NNE at 3 mph, which tickled the leaves that remained on the trees.   This was a crosswind for my position; I like hunting a crosswind.   Had six antlerless deer show up, but no bucks.

This morning I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm was set to go off.   Got up and made coffee, dressed, made some breakfast.  Opened the door and to my surprise, it was raining.  Change in plans I decided to hunt in the cabin this instead of a ladder stand.  Got to the cabin and it was still pitch dark; the weather can play a significant role in hunting.  This August was the wettest I can remember, followed by a very dry September, and now a very wet October.  The first deer I saw this morning was about 0730 at my mock scrape about 200 yards away; I didn’t see any antlers.  Then around 0800, a spike buck showed up at 40 yards from me; he came from the west and looked the food plot over and didn’t see anything, scent checked the wind and turned and left the way he came.  Then 15 minutes later, a 3-point buck appeared precisely as the spike had come from.  He circled my feeder and stopped for a few bites of corn.  When he didn’t see any ladies, he went on his way.  The rain has stopped, and the wind has picked up a little.  It feels a lot colder than 48 degrees this morning with the wind, dampness, and lack of sunshine.  The weather forecast is calling for more rain and wind this afternoon and evening.   I may be working on my honey-do list for the rest of the day.

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